What logical fallacies are represented in the advertisements you found?

In this assignment, look for and provide two advertisements that you think contain logical fallacies. Use any advertisement that you can find in magazines, on television, or from the Internet for this assignment.

Your two examples must represent two of the following logical fallacies:
1. Appeal to Popularity
2. False Cause
3. Appeal to Ignorance
4. Hasty Generalization
5. Limited Choice
6. Appeal to Emotion
7. Personal Attack (ad hominem)
8. Circular Reasoning
9. Diversion (Red Herring)
10. Straw Man

The goal is to examine statements critically, looking for logical flaws.

In your post, address the following questions:
•What logical fallacies are represented in the advertisements you found?
•What are some reasons for your skepticism?
•Based upon your examination, how would you redo the advertisement to make it more truthful? Would this be possible?

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