What is the recent political history of your any district and Alabama?

• What is the recent political history of your any district and Alabama? • How have they voted in recent presidential and congressional elections? • Can your district or state be considered to be leaning Republican or leaning Democratic? • Are the parties relatively even or does one party dominate the elections? • Does your district have a long tradition of supporting one party or has it been changing in recent years? • How did your representative and senator come to power? (Thoroughly describe their backgrounds.) • How do the interest groups (ADA, ACLU, ACU, CC or FRC) rate your representative and senator? (Note: If the Christian Coalition score is not available, you may substitute the Family Research Council score. Include the exact scores from each of these groups. The rationale for this is explained in the presentation.) • Based on these ratings, would you classify your representative and senator as conservative or liberal? Justify your answer.

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