What is the hazard index (HI) associated with this exposure?

Compute the drinking water equivalent level (DWEL) for methylene chloride based on a 106 risk

for a lifetime consumption of 2 L of water per day for a 70-kg individual. Use the Potency Factor

(PF) for oral route listed on Table 4.9: PF = 7.5 × 103 (mg/kg-d)1.

How would the DWEL change if we considered the more appropriate weight of 80-kg for the

individual? Use the same values for the other assumptions.

Considering methylene chloride is a fairly volatile solvent, list the properties for the compound

from your text book.

Now considering the inhalation route for exposure to methylene chloride, and considering that the

average adult is again 70-kg and breathes 20 m3/d of air, determine the corresponding methylene

chloride concentration in air that produces a 106 lifetime cancer risk.

Assuming that your calculations were for 1 atm pressure and 20°C, what would you recommend

as the corresponding air quality standard in ppm?

A man works in an aluminum smelter for 10 years. The drinking water at the smelter contains

0.0700 mg/L arsenic and 0.560 mg/L methylene chloride. His only exposure to these chemicals is at work.

(a) What is the hazard index (HI) associated with this exposure?

(b) Does the HI indicate this is a safe level of exposure?

(c) What is the incremental lifetime risk for the man due solely to the water he drinks at

work and does is seem to be an acceptable risk according to EPA?

Questions 7 through 10 are related to BOD and the DO Sag Curve:

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