What is the current response (solution) to the problem?

This assignment deals with the Research Paper.

(The thing u have to do.)

The following is required for approval:

  1.  State your Research Topic
  2.  Sources you plan to use  — you don’t have to list all of the sources, but I would like for you to give me an idea of what sources you think would be beneficial for your paper. (Keep in mind that your sources should be academic — not general webpages or Wikipedia). I will accept some government webpages for the use of data)


  1. Questions you may have about the paper?



Research Paper Instructions:

(just for u to take a look)

You are required to submit a research paper on a Social Problem of your interest. The paper must include answers to the following questions below:

1. Introduction: Discuss the Social Problem 
-Why is it a problem (this is not why you, personally, think it is a problem – but rather how it meets criteria for a social problem – see lesson 1). The introduction of the paper should discuss the main ideas of the paper. What are the main topics of the paper. Think of the introduction as a “road map” for your paper.

  1. Define the Nature and Degree of the Problem (who is affected, how many, demographics, how severe)- What do the experts say?
  2. Discuss each main idea of the paper
  3. What is the current response (solution) to the problem?
  4. What, based on the research, should be changed to solve the problem? Why?
  5. Conclusion. This should wrap up the main ideas of the paper. 


  YOU MUST CITE AT LEAST 2 OF THE COURSE READINGS THAT ARE RELEVANT TO YOUR TOPIC AND 3 OUTSIDE SCHOLARLY SOURCES -MUST USE ACADEMIC SOURCES!  NO ENCYCLOPEDIAS, WIKIPEDIAS, .COM WEBSITES (I discourage use of websites — do some real research on the topic).The Library has useful journal articles. I will accept some government websites (.gov) or journal articles found online. Must use reputable sources!

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