What expectations are presented in the policy?

Explain your initial impression of the organization based upon your initial review of their corporate website.
Analyze their Vision, Mission and Goals in reference to the company’s competitive strategy, branding and messaging
Analyze the company’s strategic approach to globalization and their approach to competition, sustainability, CSR, marketing, analysis (external, internal, industry), and cross border issues
Examine the company’s financials included in their most recent annual report and review the profit margin statement from the CEO. What conclusions can you draw from their financial statements?
Evaluate the firm’s Corporate Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. What expectations are presented in the policy? Explain the tangibility of the company’s policies
Include an organizational assessment using SWOT or Porter’s Five Forces
Explain the company’s capacity to be able to fulfill strategic missions while increasing profit margin
Include an Introduction and Summary statement in your review.

Your paper should be between 7 -10 pages in length (not including the cover page and the references page), in correct APA format and use 4-5 outside sources.

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