What are some of the issues and concerns that proponents of smart growth advocate for?

Community Development covers range of goals and activities. Name each one and explain in details.

What are the origins of the urban renewal? What were some of the challenges and realities?

What are the differences between community development vs. urban renewal approach?

What role does housing play in relation to community development?

What are Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs)? What are the implications for the municipalities?

What factors have played a role in the federal, state, and local governments’ involvement in local economic development efforts?

What strategies do communities/community economic development agencies rely on to promote their economic growth? What are some of the pitfalls of these reliances?

What are the systematic approaches to economic development planning?

What are some of the reasons for growth management? Describe and explain each.

What are some of the challenges with local growth management programs?

What are different ways that one can define “smart-growth?”

What are some of the issues and concerns that proponents of smart growth advocate for?

Discuss three pillars of sustainability and its impact and challenges on building a sustainable communities.

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