To what extent were their pathways complementary or at odds?

The authors we have read in the first weeks of this course, from Plato to Aquinas, were each, in their own way, engaged in a search for truth. Selecting two works, compare and contrast the ways they approached the task and what they saw as the source of truth. To what extent were their pathways complementary or at odds? Please turn in a hard copy of your paper. Paper Guidelines Papers are to demonstrate critical engagement with the assigned reading, but will also be graded for organization, style, and clarity of students’ own argument. Spelling and grammar count. Keep in mind that a good paper is like a sports car. It’s not simply designed to get you from start to finish, but to get you there in style. Moreover, it wows people because it’s exciting, expertly-constructed, finely-tuned, and well-polished. Be sure that your paper has a well-articulated thesis in the opening paragraph — ie: state what you are going to argue — followed by supporting paragraphs in which you draw on information from the reading to build and defend your thesis. In other words, you need to make a claim and provide evidence to back it up. In keeping with that requirement, I ask that you do two things: 1) Underline your thesis statement 2) Include at least five passages from the readings. Cite as so: (The Crito), (Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas)

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