The Marketing Environment and PEST Analysis.

1. The Marketing Environment and PEST Analysis

Part 1
Provide a PEST Analysis of any one international market. (50 marks)

Part 2
On the basis of your PEST Analysis, provide marketing advice to companies wishing to do business in the international market chosen in Part 1. (50 marks)
2. Culture

Part 1
Outline and explain Geert Hofestede’s and Edward T. Hall’s theories on international culture. (50 marks)

Part 2
Apply one of these theories to the marketing of British university business degrees to overseas markets in two different countries with distinct cultures. (50 marks)

3. Standardisation vs Adaptation and Global Integrated Marketing Communication

Part 1
What are the advantages and disadvantages of applying a standardised or adapted approach to products and services in overseas markets? (50 marks)

Part 2
Choosing any market, what aspects of the integrated marketing communication mix of a brand of breakfast cereal of your choice would you standardise or adapt? (50 marks)

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