The body of your essay should flow and be logically set out.

a description of the intervention and who is targeted (eg programs for 13-18 year olds) objectives of the intervention (eg to reduce crime, rehabilitate offenders etc) policy and/or legislation governing the intervention (eg Young Offenders Act 1997) limitations and strengths of the intervention relevant theoretical perspectives (eg Strain theory, Marxist theory) your own critical analysis of the intervention (eg based on evidence, is the intervention helpful; is it politically motivated?; what are the likely impacts?; could there be an alternative?) Your intervention should be thoroughly researched and critically analysed. It should encompass relevant theories, policies, legislation, and practices, and should be written in your own words, drawing on relevant literature. Your research should be evidence-based and critical, rather than simply a description of an intervention. You should begin planning your essay well in advance of the due date to allow ample time for ordering any library books or articles from the library. Remember, library staff are very helpful and very willing to assist however they can, so please contact them if you require assistance with databases or locating library items. Your essay should be well structured in a way that clearly sets out your argument, beginning with a clear introduction to your essay, and concluding with a summary of your argument. The body of your essay should flow and be logically set out. Please reference all your work with in-text references and and reference list at the end.

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