Stake Your Claim.

  • Writing Assignment: Stake Your Claim


Now it is your turn to use the new rhetorical skills you have used. Because of the declining economy, fewer jobs are available. As a result, thousands of people in your area have recently become homeless through no fault of their own. Imagine that a large group of people without homes has set up a temporary camp near your house.


Many people who live in your community are furious about this. They want the government and police to send these people away using legislation, intimidation, or force. Others support allowing those without homes to stay and even suggest helping them by giving supplies and facilities.


Everyone has been invited to the town hall for a meeting to resolve this issue. People who wish to speak must submit a proposal outlining what they intend to say. The town council will select five speakers from each side of the debate to present their arguments at the meeting. You feel strongly about this issue, so you decide to submit a proposal.


To prepare your proposal, you must do the following:

  • Decide which side of the issue you support and think carefully about why. With respect to all viewpoints and using respectful, thoughtful language, take a stand. Think carefully about your reasons. Make sure your judgment of the situation is based on adequate knowledge of the facts.
  • Write a carefully worded, arguable claim identifying your thesis and give three reasons why it is correct. Then add facts and other details to support your reasons.
  • To help you respond to counterclaims the other side might make, list facts that do not support your reasons and tell how you will respond to them.
  • Write a strong conclusion that restates your thesis in a memorable way.
  • Complete this proposal formby filling in each box with a complete sentence.
  • Review the council’s selection criteria (grading rubric) to be sure your proposal scores highly.


  • Writing Assignment: Prove It


As you know, a large group of people without homes has set up a camp near your home, and some people who live in your community want the government and police to send these people away. Others support allowing them to stay, so the community can help them.


You submitted a proposal to present the side of the issue you support at the Town Hall meeting. Your proposal was one of five chosen to be presented at the Town Hall Meeting next week. The presentations are required to have the following components:

  • An Introduction
  • 3 supporting sections
  • A conclusion
  • An arguable thesis (stated in the introduction and conclusion)
  • At least 5 rhetorical devices
  • All 3 types of appeals
  • At least 3 different types of evidence
  • Refutation
  • Fewer than 3 obvious logical fallacies


Use your proposal from the “Stake Your Claim” assignment, and do the following:

PART 1: Your presentation may be delivered in one of 4 ways according to the council rules:

  • You may write out your presentation in the form of a 5-paragraph essay that you submit.
  • You may submit an mp3 audio file of the dramatic delivery of your presentation.
  • You may create a PowerPoint Presentation of 14-25 slides with text and graphics that support your position.
  • You may create a media presentation with audio, video, photographs, animation and/or art work that supports your text and develops your thesis clearly.


Choose one of these options and create your presentation.

PART 2: Presentation must be accompanied by your evidence chart that identifies:

  • Rhetorical devices
  • Appeals
  • Refutation
  • Types of evidence


Complete your evidence chart and save it as a separate document.


PART 3: Submit both your presentation and your evidence chart to the Writing Assignment: Prove It assignment link for grading.

To ensure success, read the grading rubric.

For help with editing and revising, view the 6+1 Trait® Writing Rubric

Congratulations on completing this unit! Now, continue with the course.

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