Sources to be used:

Sources to be used: This narrative essay is an in-depth analysis of author, audience, text, and personal context of any 1 essay (up to p. 274) in the Norton Reader. This should include a brief analysis of the essay, and then discuss the similarities and/or differences/ issues or themes to the student’s personal life experiences, and/or events that have made a significant impact upon your life. Also, no other outside source material should be used. Goals/Learning Objective: • To respond to this essay on a community level as to how this Issue or Theme can also affect others • To become familiar with the writing process, drafting, peer review, instructor review, editing, revising, and composing a final draft • To engage in effective communication, and collaboration before, during, and after the writing process, both in the classroom and out • To efficiently and effectively utilize electronic technology in the writing process • To identify and develop appropriate personal topics that are relevant to the particular audience and have a clear, concise, and significant message for the community • To reflect on this topic in a personal, well written, logical and emotional essay that exemplifies the importance of the theme and main ideas of your narrative to the audience • To create a first draft that will have a Cover Page, brief Outline Page, and a one-page typed draft that will begin to explore your ideas on this topic • To create a second draft that will be a more complete extension of the first draft that will have an introduction, main ideas, and conclusion that will give more structured meaning and substance to the paper. The second draft will have citations from the one essay, along with the Works Cited page completed, and a Xerox copy of the pages used from the Norton Reader • To cite material from the essay and use appropriate MLA documentation both in the essay and on the Works Cited page • To give a classroom presentation of the Final Draft (with all revisions done) to the class on the appropriate due date. The student will also entertain any questions or comments • To assess the Writing Project based on the student’s level of Rhetorical Knowledge, Development and Critical Thinking, Organization, Conventions of Style and Usage, and Use of Sources (where applicable). These guidelines are found on the English Department’s Grading Rubric for ENGL 1100.

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