Project Description.

Project Description The Problem Universities and colleges do not like to admit students who do not perform well. It is expensive and unpleasant for both the student and the school. Since you work in the Department of Education and are a trained statistician, your supervisor has asked that you assist the Head of the Admissions Department. You have been given the MIDWEST SCHOLASTIC DATA file to develop a detailed statistical plan that the Admissions Officer can use to determine which students are most successful at the university. The Data Your data, The MIDWEST SCHOLASTIC DATA file, contains a number of variables. The database contains information on all undergraduate students at the University of West Erlham County (UWEC). Thirteen variables are considered for each student. The variables are : sex (SEX), high school percentile (HSP), cumulative college grade point average (GPA), age (AGE), total college credits earned (CREDITS), classification (CLASS), school/college enrollment (COLLEGE), primary major (MAJOR), out-of-state or local residency, a variable used to calculate tuition cost (RESIDENCY), admission type (TYPE), ACT English score (ENGL), ACT Math score (MATH), and ACT composition, or writing, score (COMP).Part E: a. Write a letter to your supervisor, giving him/her a list of points (s)he should consider when determining who should be admitted. The letter should be 1-2 pages single spaced and written like a real business letter. You can find examples on the web. Remember that your supervisor is not a statistician and might not understand the technical details of what you did. The technical details are to be limited to the Appendix. b. Write a one page introduction to the appendix letting the reader know what will be following. This should be about one page in length.

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