Movie .

For this paper, you will choose a movie or book from any genre and analyze it based on content from this course. In your analysis, you should discuss several examples of characters, events, and/or settings from the movie/book that exemplify some specific pieces of development that we have discussed in class. For example, if you were to choose the book series Harry Potter, you might offer a discussion on parenting styles based on the Dursleys; discuss issues of developmental approaches to grief (Harry losing his parents; godfather; teacher); discuss issues of attachment development based on Harry being orphaned at such a young age; discuss identity development of Harry; etc. Along with your discussion, you will need to incorporate empirical research* to support your analysis. See course syllabus for due date. I don’t accept late work, so failing to turn this in at or prior to its due date results in forfeiture of those points- and both of us will be unhappy with that! Please see the examples of these papers posted online. The length of the paper should be a minimum of 10 FULL pages of CONTENT and a maximum of 15 pages. If you choose to put in pictures/screen shots, etc. you must compensate for that by assuring you have 10 FULL pages of content in addition to the pictures. All papers should be written in APA format (See APA Publication Manual – 6th edition), thus they should include appropriate heading levels, spacing, citations in the text and references at the end of the paper.

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