Individual End-of-module Report.

Individual End-of-module Report
In the role of a management consultant, prepare a succinct and detailed business report for the Board of Directors of your chosen company report aimed at the Board of Directors. Extend your research from coursework 1 on financial analysis of the performance of your company to include financial and non-financial performance indicators; design a balanced scorecard and linked strategy map and evaluate the techniques used.
You are required to use the same company as in coursework 1 but permitted to choose a different company only in exceptional circumstances (for example if the company is no longer trading). Please consult the latest List of Organisations that can be used. This is contained in CW1 instructions document. Your seminar tutor will approve your choice of organisation sub-unit for CW2.
The vision, strategy or goal that you identify can be published by the organisation (e.g. in their Annual Report) or identified by yourself as appropriate for the organisation.

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