In case of any conflict what would you do as a manager?

Let me give you an example.  A discussion arose in a team meeting that a monitoring application was not synchronizing well with a records management application. The team lead suggested to the manager to have the software developer add a field that would populate providing the necessary information based on the set parameters from the monitoring application. This should reduce the time necessary to make the entries and reduce the error margin by human intervention or inverted information.


On the surface this looked to be a reasonable request. The manager took the request to the software developer of the records management application. The organization returned a project cost of $65,000 to make the change and a 6 month waiting period to complete the request.


Now, add to this project one that was already scheduled.  The manager’s group was scheduled for a newer release of the records management application in three months. About every 90-180, new versions of the software were released in order to maintain controls in light with technology advances. If the manager made the request to be made in the iteration that was just now going into the planning stages and would be released in about 9 months, the integration would be minimal as to cost. What would you do as the manager?  What decision would you make?




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