Identify the challenges involved in managing a global workforce.

1. Introduction- short. Your work count is already taken up by the rest of the paper.

2. Taking an organisation of your choice from the tourism and hospitality industry, explain how the PEST and Micro environment factors can impact the business and influence its corporate strategy Range: 945 – 1,155
LO6.1 Identify key external environmental factors the chosen organisation should consider.
LO 6.2 Using clear criteria establish the key external environmental factors facing the organisation.
LO 6.3 Critically appraise how these factors may impact on the business.

3. Using a range of analytical models, define and evaluate the models you think would be the most appropriate to formulate the right strategy for your business Range: 945 – 1,155
LO 2.1 Identify a range of relevant analytical models.
LO 2.2 Apply the identified range of analytical models to a specific business within the tourism and hospitality sector.
LO 2.3 Evaluate each of the chosen analytical models both in terms of their theoretical content and their applicability to the specified organisation within the tourism and hospitality sector.
LO 2.4 Critically evaluate organisational strategies.
LO 2.5 Propose and justify recommendations for future strategic development.

4. Looking at a range of corporate strategies, critically evaluate how your chosen strategy would work in an international context Range: 1,575 – 1,925
LO 1.1 Identify a range of definitions of corporate strategy.
LO 1.2 Explain and apply definitions of corporate strategy to a chosen organisation within the tourism and hospitality industry.
LO 1.3 Critically evaluate the chosen definitions of corporate strategy in the context of the chosen organisation.
LO 4.1 Evaluate and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches that organisations can take towards internationalisation.
LO 4.2 Propose and justify the most appropriate growth strategy for a specific organisation

5. Explain how effective portfolio management and resource allocation can play a key role in your business growth strategy Range: 1,260 – 1,540
LO 5.1 Explain portfolio management theory and the principle of resource allocation.
LO 5.2 Apply the theory of portfolio management and the principle of resource allocation to the chosen organisation.
LO 5.3 Critically assess the relevance of portfolio management and resource allocation to the chosen organisation.

6. Identify the challenges involved in managing a global workforce and explain how the organisational culture can help to manage and motivate staff based across the globe Range: 1,575 – 1,925

LO 3.1 Define, explain and assess the management of diverse individuals, groups and teams.
LO 3.2 Identify ways in which organisation culture can impact on strategy development and implementation.
LO 3.3 Evaluate the impact of organisational culture on strategic development and implementation within chosen tourism and hospitality organisations.

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