Identify any potential ethical issues that could have a negative impact on the organization and make recommendations to address them.


In addition to the slides in the presentation, include a detailed outline in the speaker notes section explaining the content on each slide. Use at least three (3) scholarly sources to support the information in your presentation. Be sure to cite the sources for your information.

Make sure your presentation adheres to the following Presentation Guidelines:

Create a presentation that is professional and visually appealing.
Include a combination of text and graphics.
Do not write out your entire presentation on the slides. Use bullet points of keywords and short phrases instead of long sentences and paragraphs.
Create your presentation (slides and Speaker Notes) using language that can be easily understood by the intended audience.
Use APA formatting for your slides and Speaker Notes (outline).

Develop a 10–15-slide presentation (including the title slide and reference slide) in PowerPoint format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M5_A2.doc.

By Monday, November 2, 2015, deliver your assignment to the M5: Assignment 2 LASA 2 Dropbox.

LASA 2 Grading Criteria and Rubric

Assignment Components


Max Points

Evaluate the organization’s facilities with regard to capacity and location.

Evaluation of the facilities is complete. Evaluation provides an overview of current problems regarding the capacity and location of the facilities.


Evaluate the firm’s ERP system.

Evaluation of ERP system is complete. Explanation reflects working knowledge of the ERP system.


Evaluate the firm’s inventory management systems.

Description of inventory management system is complete. Evaluation reflects working knowledge of inventory management systems.


Identify the firm’s inventory costs.

Inventory costs identified are accurate for the type of firm being evaluated.


Determine the firm’s optimum order quantities.

Discussion of firm’s optimum order quantities is accurate and logical. Response reflects understanding of inventory control.


Identify the firm’s seasonality adjustments and reorder points.

Seasonality adjustments and reorder points are accurately identified.


Identify the key performance indicators (KPIs).

Key performance indicators are accurately identified, reflecting working knowledge of how performance indicators are used in business.


Describe the firm’s risk management strategies.

Risk management strategies identified are accurately described.


Identify the firm’s conflict management strategies.

Conflict management strategies are accurately identified.


Recommend strategies, practices, and tools the organization can use to improve or expand upon the supply chain in the future.

Recommendations for improvement or expansion of the supply chain are clear, ethical, and reflect a working knowledge of supply chain management.


Identify any potential ethical issues that could have a negative impact on the organization and make recommendations to address them.

Potential ethical issues identified reflect a proficient understanding of ethics within the context of operations management. Recommendations reflect working knowledge of ethical issues related to operations management.


Presentation Components

Organization (16)

Usage and Mechanics(16)

APA Elements (24)

Style (8)

Presentation is concise with a logical flow of thought; content includes clearly articulated key points that are free of major errors. Presentation is visually appealing and addresses audience considerations adequately. Use of scholarly sources aligns with specified assignment requirements.




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