How you organize your essay is up to you, but you should devote equal weight to the film’s story and writing.

.Write a 3-4-page essay addressing the essay prompt below. Answer the prompt in an
organized essay (introduction with thesis, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion).
Make sure you create a strong central thesis that organizes your essay and make sure it is
convincingly supported by evidence-filled supporting paragraphs. Be as specific as you
can when referring to the film by providing specific evidence and analysis to support any
claims or observations you make.
Through an analysis of story and writing, write an essay examining the literary
value Federico Fellini’s 1963 film 8 ½.
How you organize your essay is up to you, but you should devote equal weight to the
film’s story and writing. Make sure you use relevant terminology from the readings and
lectures in your essay in order to show that you can employ the concepts fruitfully for a
competent film analysis.
Remember, when writing about film, as with literature, always use the present tense,
except when specifically referring to something in the past. Examples: “When Pilar first
finds out that Sam is her half brother, she is shocked, to say the least” (Present tense).
“When Sayles made Lone Star, he helped fuel the passion for multiculturalism that was
emerging within the American Left” (Past tense). Also, remember that film titles should
be italicized.
Make sure you give yourself ample time to write and carefully revise a rough draft for
your assignment. Although you do not have to turn in a rough draft, this is the best way
to assure that you can turn in the polished, well developed, and clearly written essay that
will get the grade you want. Carefully proofread your essay. Your essays must be
typed, double-spaced, in 12 pt. font (Times New Roman), and with 1” mar

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