How might you deal with this situation?

This is a journal starter assignment. The answers will be in two major parts as there are 2 different questions. Give your own thoughts and opinions on each situation. Assume that your client engages in self-destructive behavior and refuses to change; is so certain of his or her values that you think are a definite danger to his or her life. For example, your adolescent client continues to escape from reality by using hard drugs. How might you deal with this situation? 2. Assume your client asks you β€œIs whatever I say in here strictly confidential, and can I be assured that nothing that I talk about with you will go outside of this room?” How would you reply? What specific guidelines could you offer to your client? What kinds of situations might compel you to disclose confidences to others? Please be mindful that you must give reason why you believe the way that you do.

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