How does this personal/professional development relate to the NMC CODE?


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Havard referencing must be used Introduction (Words @200- 250) In the introduction explain what topic you are going discuss, in this instance it is nutrition. Mention the importance of legislation to the nursing profession and why you will be discussing different aspects of legislation in this work, such as the NMC Code of Conduct, Francis Report and the NHS Constitution for example and the 6 C’S. MAIN BODY @ 2500 WORDS Identify your new learning, giving rationale for your choice of this topic This topic is nutrition it was chosen because the issues both in the news and new legislation. It was chosen because of the issues at Stafford Hospital and how this is changing the way that nursing is perceived by the public and how the enquiry into this hospital is changing how nurses work and it is forcing nurses to look at their own values and beliefs. How has this learning made a difference to you The learning that has taken place shows that there is much more to nutrition than just giving food to patients, the six C’s are fundamental to all care. Learning has clearly shown that nutrition is crucial for patient’s in all aspects of their care and wellbeing. How will this learning influence you clinical practice Practice will be based on more than just caring, having read and understood the legislation that is available, it has become clear that many different aspects of learning combine to give patient’s excellent, appropriate care. Describe how you will continue to develop this learning after this module Learning is a lifelong process, especially in nursing as there are always changes and new research available. The aim is to learn not only from theory but from practice and to apply what has been learnt in the classroom to the clinical environment. How does this personal/professional development relate to the NMC CODE? There are many aspects of the NMC Code which apply to both professional and personal life, examples such as “You must deliver care based on the best available evidence or best practice.” By studying nutrition and its importance to patient’s all nurses must endeavour to remain up to date with changing information and research. Reports such as the Francis report which discusses the lack of nutrition to some patient’s clearly fits with parts of the NMC Code of conduct on our actions as nurses. How does your topic relate to the NHS Constitution and the 6 C’s The topic of nutrition is related to the 6 C’s from the Frances report in many ways one example is Communication where it is crucial when either supporting patient’s to eat and supplying them with nourishment that they can eat themselves, that we communicate with them. There also is a need to communicate with other staff especially if the patient is not eating and drinking adequate amounts. In relation to the NHS Constitution, it states that we have a commitment to quality of care, if patient are not having the correct nutrition their care in many ways will be compromised. Conclusion (Words @200-250 ) This assignment has clearly shown that a topic of care, such as nutrition has many aspects to it. Not only as a physiological aspect but as one that shows for patient’s to obtain the correct nutrition, staff need to abide by a range of rules and have personal values that reflect in the care they give their patient’s. Reference list (At least 30 sources of evidence)..
12 pages Deadline: 09.11.2015, 12 pm
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