How does the text relate to the general goals of the course?

You are required to write a one-page essay about one of the texts we’ve read in the first section of the course “Culture Matters”. Provides a short review of the texts assigned on “Culture Matters,” which should include a brief summary of its contents and a comment on its relation to the overall subject of the course

Text: Amartya Sen, “Civilizational Imprisonments: How To Misunderstand Everybody in the World”
(I will upload the text on additional materials.)

Your essay should be a summary of the text, focusing on:
1. the main argument of the text;
2. followed by some of the main points through which the author is demonstrating their argument;
3. and, finally, concluding by relating the text to the larger goals of the course (which we have discussed in sections – look once again to the course description!).

Here are some guiding questions for you:
1. What is the main argument of the author in the text you have chosen? (Present in your own words the main thesis of the text!)
2. What kinds of evidence, examples or illustrations are presented by the author to demonstrate the argument?
3. What are some of the crucial concepts employed that contribute to the main argument?
4. What is at stake in the text? What do you think the goals of the author are?
5. How does the text relate to the general goals of the course?

** Don’t copy any viewpoint from website, please use your own words to interpretations and analysis.

Course Description:

This course examines the relationship between the conception and articulation of culture in this particular moment of global history and the quest for normative values. It is premised on the belief that many people throughout the world have been forced by current history to rethink the cultural meaning of difference (social, sexual, religious, moral, ethnic, political, gender, etc.), that is, to reflect more deeply on how the category of difference is constructed, empowered, evaluated, appropriated, and deployed in specific contexts. This new thinking not only about, but from, difference has also raised fresh questions about what binds human beings together, whether they share anything in common, how they are to be differentiated from one another, and what prevents these recognitions from occurring.

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