How does his story work, how well does it respond to the points Socrates has made?

Keep in mind Socrates’ own positions in the dialogue. In the dialogue we associate
Socrates with two thoughts – a) the virtues are a single thing, wisdom, and b) the virtues
are not teachable. He connects these are the very end, when he announcing the failure of
the discussion.
Socrates gives just one argument in favor of the view that virtue is one thing, and that is
the discussion of pleasure and the measuring art (starting at 351b).
Neither party fully succeeds in the dialogue. That is, neither Protagoras nor Socrates
succeeds in establishing the key beliefs that they hold about virtue. Socrates is not
deceived about this; at the end of dialogue he thinks he has failed. But that is not the same
thing as saying that nothing is accomplished.
1. Protagoras. Plato assigns to Socrates two arguments for thinking that virtue cannot be
taught. Plato has Protagoras first respond to these arguments by telling a story (beginning
at 320c). How does his story work, how well does it respond to the points Socrates has
made? Look carefully at the passages that set up the question, and the passages and
follow his speech (punishment and flute-playing, down to 328c, “There you have it. . .”).
Here are some things in these sections that are not entirely clear:
-What is the most plausible account of why the Athenians don’t consult experts?
-What are the types of decisions for which experts are not called? What makes them that
– What precisely is the conclusion that Protagoras draws from his speech?
– Is the speech consistent with the passages about punishment and flute-playing, or is
Protagoras losing track, being evasive, or what?
– There are two question that are related but different: a) do the different things that
Protagoras has to say fit together into a coherent theory? and b) if they do, is that theory a
good response to Socrates?
– Thinking virtue is not teachable is one thing, but the reasons Socrates gives for thinking
it is not teachable are something else.

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