How does abstract expressionism reflect the American spirit after World war II?

1 Select two question
2 Write one page essay per question
1 How does abstract expressionism reflect the American spirit after World war II? Discuss the reasons why Abstract expressionist painters moved away from the dominant realistic styles exemplified by Hopper and O’keeffe to more nonrepresentational ways of creating art?
2 Discuss how the role of the artist dramatically changed during the renaissance.The previous notion of the artist as a skilled craftsperson was elevated into the artist as genius,a gighly respected and admired professional.Explain the significance of phiosophical ideas such as humanism, and its focus on the individual.Discuss the dramatic shift during this time from God and the hereafter to humankind and the here and now.AS a result subject matter expanded to include both religious and secular art work.Illustrate this idea with early Renaissannce artist Donatello, Works.Illustrate this idea with early renaissance artists Donatello, who reintroduced the nude(‘David”,FIG.650)and Botticelli,who reintroduced mythology(”Birth of Venus”,Fig 654)and botticelli,who reintroduced mythology(Birth of venus”,Fig 654)as major subjects for art.
3.Define postmodernism.Discuss the eclectic nature of postmodern Art in the 1970’s and 1980’s by describing the myriad of approaches and styles of Art. Do you believe we are still living in a postmodern world or does the term post-industrial better reflect the time in which we live?

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