How do the authors/directors describe city life?

Ask yourself this question:  What are the important aspects of every-day life in Paris as presented in the two films (Paris, I Love You and Amélie),  and the two readings (The Man Who Could Walk Through  Walls and The Two-Penny Bar)?  What aspects of the city are high-lighted in the films?  in the stories?   What kinds of spaces seem particularly relevant to the characters’ stories?

How do the authors/directors describe city life?  What do they seem to value through their presentations or descriptions?  How does this environment impact the characters as they move through the events which control their life?


To adequately develop this analysis, you should carefully do the following:

  • discuss each reading and film individually
  • compare  ideas which appear in more than one film or reading
  • contrast ideas which may appear contradictory
  • draw evident conclusions from your analysis


Be sure to consult BB/Course Information/Helpful Hints/Rubrics for Written Work and Written Work Format to assure that you understand how the grade will be determined and how the paper should be presented.


While there is no absolute page limit, papers of this nature usually run from 3-5 pages and footnoted accordingly.


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