How are you going to take what you learned and apply it in the classroom?

This is my Teacher’s massege:

During today’s class you had the opportunity to listen to Stacy Barger. You learned a lot about behaviors and how to handle different behaviors in the classroom. Remember… with a reflection this is about you and what you know, feel, want to know. I was there at the presentation and heard what you did. I don’t need to learn about behaviors again. In saying that, please use information from what you heard to support your answers.

For the guest speaker reflection use the following questions as a guide to help you create a 800-1000 word reflection. Please make sure to use the English language correctly (grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc.). The rubric below will be used for your score.

Guiding questions:
1. Prior to hearing Stacy Barger speak what did you know about behavior and how to handle it in the classroom?
2. After listening to the presentation, what did you learn? What did you find the most interesting?
3. What is your philosophy on behavior and how to manage it in the classroom?
4. How are you going to take what you learned and apply it in the classroom?

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