How about Anecdotal or Narrative Evidence?

If you are uncomfortable posting this assignment, please let me know, but be sure to type out your responses in any event:

1. Now that you have had some time to reflect on your own Values, Value Judgments, and Subjective Perspectives, tell me about some of the Single Stories you have been telling yourself, and how they relate to your limited personal experiences? Be honest about the groups that you judge or stereotype, and explain your Subjective reasons for doing so. Are there Objective reasons that these groups might be judged? Explain. What would/might make you change your mind about this group or groups?

2. Are your stories changing now that your knowledge and experiences are expanding through exposure to new and Objective ideas? How about Anecdotal or Narrative Evidence? Do you think that you are becoming a better listener? Questioner? Why are theses skills so important? Be detailed and thoughtful in your resp

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