Explain how your efforts furthered the mission and goals of the agency/organization.

discuss, in detail, your findings regarding the company’s/firm’s present social responsibility efforts. The next portion should be your recommendations as to the future social responsibility efforts of the company/firm. Finally explain the follow-up efforts with the business you did regarding the findings and recommendations of the SRA (with whom did you discuss your findings and recommendations; their reactions; etc.). In covering the CSE, again begin the section by identifying the agency/organization and briefly explaining what it does. Also include the details of any relationship between the agency/organization and the company/firm that you performed the SRA upon. Then explain why you chose this particular agency/organization for the CSE. This should be followed by a detailed explanation of what you did during the volunteer hours you performed. Finally, again in detail, Explain how your efforts furthered the mission and goals of the agency/organization. 4 Share your recommendations for strengthening an existing relationship between the two entities, if such a relationship already exists. If no relationship has been established, then you want to make recommendations for how such a relationship could benefit both entities. In regarding to your learning, through the service learning project as reflected in the written report, the student should address each of the following: 1) the evolving meaning and nature of corporate social responsibility; 2) the ethical responsibilities of business; 3) the power of corporations and industries, past and present, to shape our world; 4) how forces in and outside of business firms are changing the management task, altering business operations, and modifying stakeholder expectations; 5) an understanding of how influential ideas in the business environment shape the businessgovernment-society relationship; 6) the importance of law and government regulation as a force

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