Explain how the policy addresses federal and state laws; clearly define each classification.

appropriate classification policy for LoneStar.

Identify the variety of employment classifications that may exist at the company, including exempt versus nonexempt, seasonal, temporary, and regular.
Explain how the policy addresses federal and state laws; clearly define each classification.

Section 4: Create a diversity policy for LoneStar Landscaping.

Identify and integrate strategies in the selection process to ensure the diversity in the hiring practices of LoneStar Landscaping.
Explain what considerations Erica and Andrew must make in order to address the needs of a multicultural candidate pool.

Section 5: Recommend a candidate for the position of office manager. (Note, the office manager is a different position from that of the receptionist position mentioned in section 1).

Erica and Andrew interviewed three candidates for an open administrative position. Please review their resumes and profiles and view and/or read a transcript of their interviews.

Click here to view the details. Please note that there are multiple screens of additional detail. You will need to click the next arrow located in the bottom right-hand corner of each screen to advance to the next screen of additional detail.
Based on your learning in this course and the information provided in the interview materials, recommend and justify the best candidate for the job. Give reasons for choosing one candidate and not choosing the others.

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