[Employer Workforce Survey .

Read and discuss the Hart report [Employer Workforce Survey 2009 on your college email] with peers and friends, and see the Youtube video from Need To Know PBS titled “Generation Jobless” about millennials trying to find jobs in this economy. I also showed you the last part of the film Inside Job, which points out it is probably NOT the millennials’ fault, but the economy that is the problem. You must quote from the Raising the Bar report and the “Generation Jobless” video. Is this assessment of millennials’ educational achievement fair or not? Write an opinion paper (first and third person are fine), MLA formatted, 2-spaced, in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format, and submit as an attachment to this assignment box by Tuesday September 29, 2015 at 10:30 p.m. A suggested outline is: I. State the problem of the education system facing millennials and what the current post-2008 recession workforce will demand from them. At the last part of the paragraph, state whether that education system is ready to face the demands to train millennials for the workforce or not. II. Quoting from the Hart Report, explain why millennials must be trained in very specific ways to face the hiring demands of corporations of the XXI century. Why are they in need of new educational structures? How must they deal with these demands in higher education? III. How must higher education change to meet these demands? Is the assessment of the choices facing college graduates in the Youtube video “Generation Jobless” from Need To Know accurate? IV. Conclude with a brilliant example that ties in together the demands, the workforce and how education must solve these problems 2009_EmployerSurvey on Workforce Qualities-1.pdf (https://alamo.instructure.com/courses/942490/files/57877270/download?wrap=1) 2013_EmployerSurvey on Workforce Qualities-1.pdf (https://alamo.instructure.com/courses/942490/files/57877275/download?wrap=1) 2015 EmployerSurvey Hart Research employerstudentsurvey-1.pdf ( https://alamo.instructure.com/courses/942490/files/58098848/download?wrap=1) MLA Citation for AlamoWorkSource, Hart Associates, Reich and Hendricks-PDF.pdf (https://alamo.instructure.com/courses/942490/files/57877269/download?wrap=1) MLA format-1.docx (https://alamo.instructure.com/courses/942490/files/58098863/download?wrap=1)

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