Does the thesis contain an argumentative and a contrastive component?

In this second assignment you will compare and contrast Nietzsche and Heidegger. You have three major tasks:


1. State a contrastive and argumentative thesis in which you relate the thoughts of Nietzsche and Heidegger.

2. Analyze 5 short passages (at least two from each philosopher) that relate to your thesis

3. Formulate a conclusion in which you explicitly relate back to your thesis and tie the different points you made together.



– Only state a thesis (thus, without an introduction)

– Use short quotations and use a proper format of citation

– Learn from your previous essay: look carefully at the comments and rubric (during the semester grading will become harder)

– Length: no more than 700 words and no less than 600 words




Thesis Statement:

  1. Is the thesis statement clearly formulated?
  2. Does the thesis relate to both philosophers (Nietzsche and Heidegger)?
  3. Does the thesis contain an argumentative and a contrastive component?


  1. Are 5 short quotes and at least 2 for each philosopher included?
  2. Is a proper method of citation used?
  3. Do all the quotes relate to the thesis?

Analysis of the quotes:

  1. Are all the quotes analyzed in detail?
  2. Are all the quotes explicitly tied back to the main thesis?


  1. Does the conclusion relate the different quotes?
  2. Does the conclusion return to the thesis?


  1. Does the assignment answer the question?
  2. Is it clearly written without grammar and spelling errors?


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