Does society have skewed view of obese people, why or why not?

or this extra credit assignment, write a 500 word response over Dr. Attia TEDtalk. The question below are provided to assist you in your response, you do not have to use them:
1) Has this TedTalk made you think differently about obese people, why or why not?
2) Does society have skewed view of obese people, why or why not?
3) Could obesity be a symptom of a much larger problem (e.g. biological, environment, social, etc.) and what do you think that problem could be right now?
4) What question(s), if given the opportunity, would you ask Dr. Attia about his hypothesis on obesity epidemic?

The following page dimension, fonts and spacing are required for this assignment:
Margins- 1”
Font- New Times Roman
Font size-12

Spacing between lines-doubled spaced 

Project does not have any attached files

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