Discuss when/where/why you learned particular skills.

Think of your thesis as a “then and now” proposition. Your essay’s introduction can offer readers a brief look at why you took WRTG 101 and lead to a thesis statement that begins with a phrase such as “I began WRTG 101 with  “X” writing skills; now I…”

2)      Discuss when/where/why you learned particular skills.  Remembering how you completed assignments as well as any materials you find in the classroom that you think are relevant, discuss when/where/how/why you learned particular skills that helped you complete assignments successfully and increase your writing skill set.

In analyzing your acquisition of skills, it will be helpful to consider the course outcomes for WRTG 101.  They are as follows:

 1.      apply the writing process to develop essays using various rhetorical patterns in order to inform and persuade an audience

2.      construct unified, coherent, and well-supported paragraphs using principles of persuasion and exposition

3.      demonstrate accurate grammar and mechanics in writing

4.      analyze source material in order to integrate valid and reliable sources using accepted documentation style

In writing this section of the essay, please be specific.  You might refer to specific grammatical issues (outcome #3) and the process of developing a topic (outcome #1).  Or you might refer to challenges you had in writing paragraphs (outcome #2) and how the development of the paragraphs caused you to evaluate your thesis (outcome #1).  These are just some suggestions to help you develop your points that you want to make for your essay.

Do not be afraid to discuss any areas in which you felt you did not achieve as much as you would have liked to or wish you could have had more instruction or practice. This information will be very helpful to your instructor.


3) In your conclusion, consider the skills you feel you are taking away from WRTG 101 and how these skills will help you in future courses you take. Consider also areas you think you will want to continue to try to improve.


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