Discuss the concept of responsibility as it relates to two of our texts.


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You can choose two episodes/texts from “The Five Books of Moses”. This paper represents another opportunity to discuss your ideas in a coherent and nuanced fashion. You should present an original argument and trace it throughout your piece, each paragraph building upon th eprevious. Use textual quotations to support your points. In addition to your own argument, please consider a source from a peer reviewed jounral or scholarly text that contradicts or augments (or amplifies in some useful way) your own ideas. Quote directly from this source and cite it properly. Think about the way the texts’ structures and styles figure into your argument. Remember to turn in typed, double spaced papers with page numbers of your own and a works cited page. *No plot summary. *Give context when you quote from the text. Discuss the concept of responsibility as it relates to two of our texts. How do you define this term? How might it relate to the idea of Obligation? In what way do characters take or deny responsibility? What sorts of obligations do they feel? Are they personal? Communal? Why is it relevant to think about the stories in these terms?

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