Discuss the (2) ethical foundations involved in determining privacy issues.

The Right to Privacy is central to ethical issues in information technology and the Internet. Address the following issues concerning this concept. (25 points) (A 1½-page response is required.) Single-space within paragraph and Double-space between paragraphs

1. Discuss two (2) personal viewpoints and two (2) organizational viewpoints related to the issues of privacy and the exchange of information.

2. Discuss the (2) ethical foundations involved in determining privacy issues.

3. Which issue specifically is key to a Kantian viewpoint of privacy? Explain.

Activity 5c

Activity Instructions: Image Ad

Cut out a self-identity image ad (as defined in Beauchamp & Bowie, pp. 417-426) from a full-color magazine. Prepare a 3-page written analysis of the ad, addressing the following issues. Submit the ad, in addition to your 3-page analysis, for grading.

1. Why is this advertisement characterized as an image ad?

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