Discuss and estimate the potential safety impact of automated vehicles.

in 15 pageDiscuss and estimate the potential safety impact of automated vehicles. the automated or driverless vehicles have attracted a great deal of attention, especially by Google Cars and others. However; there in no commercially market fully automated vehicles operating in actual roadway networks even many of them are in various testing/research stages. Your project should be based on roadway design, traffic flow, safety operation of vehicles, and general transportation operation and safety data you can obtain from other source such as Transposition Research Board (TRB http://www.trb.org). Your research may include but not limited to the following tasks: 1- Literature review on automated vehicles and their impact on safety. 2- Data collection on safety records of current automobile operation. 3- Specifications and/or anticipations on automated vehicles. 4- A methodology or approach to estimate potential safety impact of automated vehicles. 5- Perform analysis. 6- Interpreted your analysis results. 7- Conclusion/Summary. you should also include a figures and tables enhancing the data in your research.
Fro sources beside TRB website you are free to chose any other resources that sustain your research.

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