Describe the reactions of the public, if applicable.

Summarize the example above, and provide similar examples from your own research of current events. Some examples might include minority people being denied access to jobs, harsher punishment for people of color, and so forth. Feel free to use various media sources to obtain a variety of examples. Please cite and describe at least 3 examples in addition to the one provided above.

Include an account of each example and the people involved.
Describe the reactions of the public, if applicable.
Discuss cultural attitudes toward the minority people in your example that might be relevant in understanding your example.
Discuss cultural attitudes toward women and men that might be relevant in understanding these events.

Also, begin to identify some of the social psychology concepts or theories that are relevant to the example given and the ones that you found. Consider the topics covered in Weeks 1–3, especially those related to discrimination, aggression, bystander apathy, and the fundamental attribution error. You will discuss these concepts in Part 2 of the Key Assignment.

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