Describe the context of the times in which the letter was written.

We can all agree that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great leader. His “letter” allows us to look at the many ways he used to demonstrate his leadership and the thoughts he had during his time in the civil rights movement in Birmingham, one of the most segregated cities in the U.S.
In this letter, we will see leadership in multiple levels. Many characteristics of leadership are apparent. As you do this assignment, keep in mind the leadership theories we are studying in this course and use them to support your answers.

In a six page paper (double spaced, Times Roman, 12 point font);
List at least three excerpts from the “letter” that deal directly with the issue of leadership and King’s leadership style.
Describe the context of the times in which the letter was written. How might that context have influenced the “letter” itself?
Why did members of the southern clergy challenge the leadership of Martin Luther King?
Why does King clearly explain the tactics of a non-violent campaign in this “letter”?
Why does King, in effect, threaten his readers regarding the possible psychological effects of racial segregation?
Is the letter an example of effective communication between a leader and followers? Support your answer.
More directions for this paper will be posted in the NEWS on the class site in LEO. Keep an eye out for those and for your “group” assignments.

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