Describe a specific population of clients with whom you hope to work in the future.

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Due 11/01/15 by 6 pm (18:00 pm) no exceptions.. Please follow instructions to the tee.. Professor is picky..

References properly cited.. Any question feel free to ask..

Part 1: Chart

Use the chart template to analyze counseling theories (See Attachment)
Select two theories from this week’s Learning Resources below
Chapter 13, “Family Theory
Chapter 14, “Feminist Theory
Chapter 15, “Transpersonal Theory

Describe the background theory, human nature, major constructs, applications, and evaluations of each counseling theory.

Part 2: Reflection (1 page)

Describe a specific population of clients with whom you hope to work in the future.
Explain which of the two theories in your chart would be the most effective in working with this client population and explain why.
Describe the interventions you would suggest from this theory and how these interventions would assist this client population in reaching counseling goals.


Capuzzi, D., & Gross, D. R. (Ed.). (2011). Counseling and psychotherapy: Theories and interventions (5th ed.). Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association.


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