Consider the argument outlined in the required long work,

Consider the argument outlined in the required long work, Nickel and Dimed, by Barbara Ehrenreich. TAKE A STAND Pro or Con on an Idea or Issue raised by the book and/or the course theme “The American Dream – Dead or Alive?” though a THESIS STATEMENT (argument). Outline the basic Idea or Issue the reading and theme addresses, compare/contrast the political, economic, social, and cultural climate, plight, and issues surrounding the topic involved. GO DEEP into the issue, proving your point though analysis backed up by Research. Include specific passages in the readings to support a reasoned argument or interpretation, as well as academic sources that support your main thesis. Tie all points together in a ‘conclusion’ statement that “proves” the thesis (argument). WORD ON FORMATTING: Please follow all MLA guidelines for formatting, but especially: no extra spaces between paragraphs, if using citation makers please proofread, and NO URLs in your Works Cited citations, as they just make your essay look sloppy. What is the american dream

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