)Compare your individual career competency model and individual career ladder/lattice with your peers

Will you be in-charge of your career, or by default, will you let others do it for you? The purpose of this assignment is to help you take control of your learning and professional development in a structured manner while taking advantage of publically available information and resources.

A. Career Competency Model – Using the tools contained in the website below, build an individual Career Competency Model and an individual Career Ladder/Lattice and then upload a in the Career Competency Model DropBox.


– Then Please provide me a screenshot

B. Personal Development Plan (50 pts) – Using the following questions as a guide, prepare a one page Personal Development Plan and upload in the Personal Development Plan DropBox.

1)Compare your individual career competency model and individual career ladder/lattice with your peers
2)Identify two or three competencies that you would like to develop further.
3)Briefly describe how improving each competency will help you achieve important results or meet your primary job goals.
4)Identify one or more people who could be helpful in your development – either as a role model or a source of information. Write any question that you would like to ask them.
5)What two or three organizations would you like to learn more about? What specifically would you like to learn about them?
6)What specific steps will you take? Target date? Finish date?
Comments from Support Team: http://www.careeronestop.org/CompetencyModel/CareerPathway/CPWOverview.aspx it is already provi

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