Business Project.

Business Project (HRM)
SELECT ONE MULTINATIONAL COMPANY CASE (with operations in its home country and at least one other foreign host country) with which you are familiar – one that you can access relevant HRM information about (for example, one you have worked for, had an internship in, an organisation familiar to family/friends, or that you have been able to find detailed information about in journal articles, books, newspapers, internet). Or you can make up a fictitious multinational company case!

Building on our labour market planning/supply & demand exercise in session 3, imagine you are a senior human resources (HR manager) responsible for HRM strategy in a multinational company in the following two contrasting scenarios:

a. In an economic boom (with strong economic growth), as a HR manager what HR strategy and practices would you pursue if demand for workers in your company greatly exceeded supply of workers? (demand exceeds supply)
b. Conversely, in an economic crisis (e.g. deep recession like in 2008), as a HR manager what HR strategy and practices would you pursue if supply of workers in your company greatly exceeded demand for workers? (oversupply)

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