able to purchase online or in a local store;

⦁ iPhone (3g)– You will persuade the class to be interested/motivated to purchase a product based on the following criteria.
•Real (something we can see and touch)
•able to purchase online or in a local store;
•current retail price: $50-100;
•not anything living, like a pet, etc.;
•not a weapon of any kind;
•no drugs or alcoholic beverages;
Speech Presentation:
• Present your speech in front of at least five people (friends, family, etc.) in no less than four (4) or more than five (5) minutes.
• Dress casually, this is an informal speech.
• Your video speech should include creativity, originality, the needs and interest of your audience
Speech Written Assignment:
•Along with your 5-minute video speech you will create an Manuscript (word-for-word) of your video speech and a PowerPoint presentation. Make sure to include:
◦ Bibliography and references
◦Please follow the Monroe Sequence Steps (page 392 of your textbook).

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